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The Adventures Ozzie and Harriet: Kris and the Queen (1965)

An episode of "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" called "Kris and the Queen". In this episode (from the final season), Ricky and his wife Kris attempt to get Wally back with his girlfriend, with disasterous results. This copy has mediocre picture quality, but contains some original commercials.

Run time 28 minutes 48 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Earlon - - February 21, 2010
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Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - December 10, 2009
Subject: I Got to Admit, It's Getter Weaker
But if you've got trouble, you can't have more trouble than Wally!

But really, I uploaded this. The episode is OK, but weaker than the episodes from, say, 5 or 6 seasons before. The show was becoming something of a relic from another time, as one Museum webpage put it. But isn't outright bad. Just weaker, less fun. You may want to start with a 50s-era episode first.

It doesn't help that Kris has about as much acting ability as a mannequin hooked up to a 80s-era voice-synthesizer.
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on 9/4/2009